Raiatea | Dave
Aloha mai kākou nā hoaloha! Welcome to my ongoing blog series “Anatomy of a Mele”. Each month I will feature a different Hawaiian Artist/Producer pairing and go behind the scenes to closely examine one song off of one of their albums, giving the reader a tiny glimpse into the sometimes magical, sometimes arduous creative recording process. The ultimate goal is to give YOU, the fans and music lovers a little insight into what it’s like to be in the studio. Hopefully it will inspire, educate and encourage the next generation of music makers!
Mailani | Trey
Steven Espaniola is an award winning Hawaiian recording artist and  blogger originally from Hawai'i & currently living in San Francisco, CA. Click on the image to the right for more info on Steven. Be sure to click on the Facebook icon below to visit or join the group. You can also click on the email icon to submit questions or suggestions for future installments.
Kawika | Forrest
Brittni | Tom
Kuana | Dave